February 19, 2015

Guitar Solos – Pt.5 – String skipping, hammer on’s and pull off’s

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So on part 5 of the Improv series we’re going to look at integrating String Skipping, Hammer on’s and pull off’s into your scale exercises.

So far we’ve looked at learning your 4 essential scales, then patterns of 3’s and 4’s. IMHO the next exercise is another excellent way to help integrate your scales into using them in a more musical context.

  • Often in riffs and solo’s guitarists will play a pattern and then switch to a string that’s not necessarily next to it. Being able to jump across strings whilst still using the same scale is a great skill to have.
  • Hammer on’s and pull off’s are used a lot in creating riffs, melodies and solos as they provide you with different sounds and ways of connecting up shapes.
  • A ‘hammer on’ is where you pick a note on a string and literally hammer on the next note with another fretting finger (without picking)
  • A ‘pull off’ is where you are picking a note and then creating another note by pulling off your finger (with another finger already pressed down)
  • This exercise combines 3 techniques at once so it’s a fantastic one to learn.
  • With the 3 examples below when ascending up the shape you use hammer on’s and coming back down you use pull off’s

Here’s the 1st shape of the A minor pentatonic using the exercise:

Here’s the 1st shape of the A major scale using the exercise:


Here’s the 1st shape of the A minor scale using the exercise:

Have fun using these exercises, you’ll also find them great at stretching those fingers. Remember to practice them in all shapes and keys.

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