Teaching experience

Currently I am teaching pupils of various ages electric, acoustic & bass guitar, covering all aspects of musical theory, technical development, sight reading, popular rock and pop songs (using professional tab/grade books) and live performance (from complete beginners to advanced). My knowledge of music is at a very high standard, both in the theoretical & technical aspects of guitar playing.

I have been taught by some of the most renowned session musicians and professional guitarists in the world, names include:

Pete Friesen

Alice Cooper Band & The Almighty

Dave Kilminster

‘Guitarist’ magazine’s 1991 guitarist of the year, collaborated with Roger Waters & Keith Emerson

Guthrie Govan

‘Guitarist’ magazine’s 1993 guitarist of the year, Progressive Rock band Asia

Jamie Humphries

Australian Pink Floyd touring artist

I’m also a session musician, playing guitar, bass and drums at various live events and in recording studios. Whilst at the Academy of Contemporary Music I took the opportunity to perform with members of Skunk Anansie (Glastonbury Festival headliners 1999).

Music Qualifications

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