September 4, 2015

Guitar Solos – Pt.17 – Awesome reciprocal run with the pentatonic scales

Hi there,

In this next chapter of guitar solo mastery, we’re going to look at a cool reciprocal run pattern you can use with your pentatonic scales.

In many solos, you can often here lead guitarists do runs going down and back up the same group of notes. This pattern we’re going to go through will help you develop this type of pattern and then you can play around with it in your own lead parts.

We’ll take the first shape of the A minor pentatonic as our example. The pattern works as follows:

– Play the first 4 notes of the shape (count as you play through so 1,2,3,4)
– Then play back 2 notes from note 3 (but count 5, 6)

Then start the pattern again from the note after your finishing note.

In the video above I’ll go through this slowly so you can see how the pattern works 🙂 . Once you get used to the pattern it sounds great and can really give you some great ideas and runs for your solos.

Here’s the full pattern using the Am pentatonic first shape going up and back down:

Remember you can use this pattern in all 5 shapes and all 12 keys!

Many thanks for reading!

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James Schofield

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