August 21, 2015

Guitar Solos – Pt.16 – Cool 6 note legato pattern with the pentatonic scale

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In this blog we are going to look at a great 6 note legato pattern that you can use with all your pentatonic scales. In Pt.15 we looked at a very nice 9 note pattern with the major/natural minor scales, this is just a stripped down version for the pentatonic scales.

This pattern is an extension of the groups of 3 pattern in one of the earlier blogs. We’re going to use the 1st shape of the A minor pentatonic scale (descending) as our example. The pattern is in 2 parts:

1. The first 3 notes is a pull off followed by picking the next note in the scale on the B string. In this case we are pulling off from 8th fret 1st (E) string to the 5th fret, then picking the 8th fret B string.

2. The second 3 notes in the pattern is picking the 2nd note we played (in this case 5th fret 1st (E) string), and then hammering on with our fretting hand, notes 4 + 5 of the scale (in this case the 8th and 5th fret’s B string)

The 6 note pattern is then repeated (it starts again on each string). Here is the whole of the A minor pentatonic 1st shape using this pattern:

Check out the video above for a demonstration and step by step instructions!

When this is built up to speed, it’s a brilliant exercise and technique that you’ll be able to use in lots of solos and lead playing. Plus it’ll really help to develop your pull off’s and left handed tapping.

Remember to practice this pattern in all 5 shapes and 12 keys!

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James Schofield

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