June 25, 2015

Guitar Solos – Pt.12 – Up one shape, down the next w. Minor pentatonic

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When you are improvising, you’ll want to move freely between the various shapes. A great way of getting to know the shapes better is by learning how to go up one shape and down the next.

When people practice their scales, most often they are simply just going up and down each individual shape. This way gets your brain thinking a bit more and you’ll absorb the shapes much better.

With the 5 Minor pentatonic shapes, the second half of each shape is the first half of the next shape. So when you go up your first shape stop at the last note. Then you simply move up 2 frets to go down the second. The only shape that differs is the end of the 3rd shape to go down the 4th, you need to go up 3 frets. If you watch the video above you’ll get it!

Another great idea is to go down the first shape, up the second etc. It’ll provide you with much better knowledge and awareness of the fretboard!

Here are the 5 shapes. If you watch the video i’ll go through it step by step 🙂

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