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In the 7th part of this CAGED chord system we’re looking at sus2 chords. Sus2 is short for suspended 2nd. It means that the minor 3rd or major 3rd in a standard minor / major chord is replaced with a major second interval (which is 1 tone in size). For example C major contains C, E and G. We would replace the E with a D.

Here are the 5 open shapes:

Now what we’ll do is change the fingering slightly so you can play these shapes up the neck. Here’s an example of Bsus2 played up the neck:

To determine which is the first available shape on the neck you have to find the first available B on on the E, A or D strings. (C and A shapes have the root on the A string, G and E on the E string and D on the D string) . It can’t be the C shape as the shape would go beyond the fretboard which is why we are starting with the A shape

These are fantastic chords and can really help to spice up your chord progressions when used wisely. Practice these in different keys up the neck.

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