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In this blog we’re going to look at the fantastic sounding Sus4 (sus short for suspended) chords. The idea behind a Sus4 chord is that the major 3rd in either a major/minor chord is omitted/suspended and replaced by a perfect 4th interval. These can add some great variety to your chord progressions, and feature in 1000’s of popular songs.

Let’s take a look at the first 5 open chord shapes:

Then we change our fingering positions slightly to allow these to be moved all over the neck. Let’s now do Bsus4 in all 5 CAGED shapes. Our first available shape is the A shape as that’s our first B on the neck (can’t be the C shape as it would go beyond the fretboard)

With the G shape what i’ve done is just take the shape from the D string onwards as it’s a bit impractical otherwise! The root note for this one is on the G string.

Play around with these in different keys, and start adding them to your various chord progressions.

Many thanks for reading, I also do regular 15 second videos on instagram and daily guitar tips on Twitter!

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