March 31, 2015


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In this 3rd part of the Caged system we are going to look at playing Minor 7th chords up the neck in all different CAGED shapes. This will give you lots of options when songwriting as to what ‘voicing’ to go for. Also if you are learning a song and the tab/transcription says Min7, you’ll want to know where these all are!

So the 5 open shapes are as follows:

Then you change the fingering slightly (not needed with the C and G shapes) so that the chords can be barred across the neck. Here’s an example of Bbminor 7 across the neck.

  • In order to determine which shape you start with all depends on where your first available note is on the neck (our first Bb is on the A string so we’d use the A shape). 
  • The C shape also has it’s root note on the A string but the shape wouldn’t fit which is why the A shape is the first available.

All these chord voicing’s provide you with different tonal qualities so play around with them in different keys!
Hope you’ve found this blog useful. Feel good about spreading the word!

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