February 12, 2015

12 Bar Blues – Bass triplet patterns Pt. 2

Hi there,
In this second bass blues blog, we’ll expand on Pt 1 by adding groups of triplets to the original 3 patterns.

What I’ve done below is simply take the same progressions and randomly inserted triplets in amongst the various rhythms. This will help you vary your rhythms and improve your timing.

Practice these at various speeds with a metronome and 12 bar blues tracks you can find online!

Pattern 1 has straight quavers plus some sets of triplets added in:

Pattern 2 has the ‘triplet feel’ throughout the progression:

Pattern 3 has the more stabby feel to it with some rests on the + of each triplet:

Hope you’ve found this blog useful, feel free to ask any questions/suggestions for future blogs!

In the next blog will work on mixing up the notes within each beat for more variation!

Many thanks for reading.
James Schofield

Twitter: @jsmusicschool

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