T’s & C’s

What to expect from Js Music School:

  • Huge resources of downloadable backing tracks, pdfs and other materials via Dropbox
  • State of the art equipment and interactive teaching tools during the lessons
  • Flexibility with regards to scheduling lessons
  • Professional sheet music transcriptions for performance songs produced in Guitar Pro
  • 50% discount for Guitar Pro via Js Music School’s education license with Arobas music

What Js Music School expects from Pupils and Parents:

  • Regular practice is expected
  • Once a pupil has seen the benefits of the school’s teaching, referrals to potential clients are gratefully received

Lesson payment and booking/rearranging lessons:

  • All pupils are invoiced on the 1st of every month for all lessons scheduled. Invoice to be paid by the 7th of every month. 
  • Payment must be made via the payment link within each invoice 
  • Booking and rearranging lessons to be carried out via
  • Js Music School operates all year round so lessons continue during school holidays/ + bank holidays. Pupils are welcome to rearrange slots in the school holidays or for personal holidays providing sufficient notice is given

Cancellation policy:

  • We will not be able to refund cancellations made within 24 hours for any reason, as it is unlikely that we would be able to fill the slot


  • Pupils are expected to arrive in good time for the lessons so that they are ready to start for their scheduled start time.
  • If a parent / guardian is responsible for picking up their son/daughter from a lesson, it is helpful to arrive 5 minutes before the lesson is due to end.
  • If the pupil turns up for example 10 minutes early and there is currently no lesson on, the lesson can start straight away, but will finish 10 minutes earlier than normal.

Expectations during the lessons:

  • Pupils are expected to have a plectrum/pick with them for every lesson plus a few spares
  • Pupils are expected to have the guitar in tune for every lesson
  • Phones are switched off in lessons
  • In our house, we take our shoes off at the door

Am I the right teacher for you?

  • Js Music School thrives when it sees its pupil’s progress. The school attracts and continues to attract committed pupils who want to keep improving. If I feel that another teacher in the local area may be better for yourself/son or daughter then I will provide contact details.  Different teachers have their own speciality and style, whether it be rock, classical, acoustic, or a specific technique.

Js Music School extravaganzas!

  • Once a year, Js Music School stages an event to showcase the pupils progress, and to provide them with opportunities of playing in a band situation. These events have been brilliant experiences for the pupils, and has provided a great day out for the families and friends of the performers.


  • Js Music School insists on being the sole tutor for guitar lessons for all pupils. If pupils have lessons with another teacher, they may be asked to cease having lessons with Jsmusicschool.

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